3B Scientific 1004302, Disc "Anatomy Of Phanerogams"

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Most terrestrial plants anchor themselves to the ground using roots that also take up water and nutrients that the plant needs

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Cells and cell organelles

Conducting tissue

Containing 695 pictures and text

Development of the embryo sac

Double fertilization

Embryo and endosperm development


Leaf formation

Leaf formation and habitat

Leaf stalk

Meiotic nuclear division in pollen mother cells

Meristem, parenchyma, aerenchyma, epidermis

Nuclear division and cell division


Pollen tube

Secondary growth of the root

Secondary growth of the stem

Seed and fruit



Storage areas in the cell

Structure of the ovary

Supporting tissue


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The root

The shoot above the ground, called stem, serves simultaneously to produce and support leaves and branches and to transport the assimilation products processed in the leaves to the plant's storage organs

Trichomes and emergences

Vacuole and cell wall

Vascular bundles and their arrangement in the stem

Vegetative apex

Wood and bast secondary tissue